Individual & module filters

A complete product portfolio for custom tailored solutions. Whether electrostatic or mechanical – breathe pure air.

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For air volumes from 300 to 3000 m3/h. Electrostatic and mechanical individual filters.

PDF Data sheet B EFN After filter

For air volumes from 300 to 3000 m3/h we use high performance, compact individual filters. Given that they only need 0.23 to 0.88 m2 of set-up space, they can be installed on or next to any type of machine tool, device or system without taking up too much room.

Electrostatic after filters EFN have been optimised for the completion of mechanical centrifugal separators and ensure that higher levels of separation can be achieved even with tiny particles. As initial set-up or retrofitting for air volumes up to 1800 m3/h.

If higher levels of separation power are required due to extreme particle pollution, all electrostatic individual filters are also available as tandem filters with two ionisation/collector cells or in combinations with mechanical after filters.

For air volumes from 2000 to 42000 m3/h. Electrostatic modular filters.

PDF Data sheet B EFM Modular filter

Modular filters B 2200 EFM and B 3500 EFM are the basic components for modular filter solutions in heavy-duty designs for extreme particle contamination. Ideal for air treatment systems. For energy efficient and powerful air filtration of volumes from 2000 to 42000 m3/h and more.

A modular filter system can be flexibly connected to the pipelines. The design of the fan unit(s) is also flexible, depending on the specifications. The modular filters have interdisciplinary applications in numerous sectors. The modular filter system is optmized for production plants, industrial facilities, building technology and systems engineering.

PDF Bristol Filter Programm
PDF Bristol Filter Programm
Functional principle and design of electrostatic filters. That’s how they work.
Functional principle and design of electrostatic filters. That’s how they work.

The same functional principle of electrostatic air filtration that applies to this model also applies to our other models and product series. All individual and modular filters are designed to achieve consistently high levels of separation for particles up to 0.1 µm.