Bristol’s B-CleanService is designed to ensure all makes and models of air filtration and extraction equipment are performing as intended at all times. Bristol’s team of dedicated Service Engineers operates throughout Germany

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Cost Effective Maintenance

Bristol will plan and manage maintenance visits to suit your production schedules, meaning downtime is minimised

Specialist Technical Advice

Bristol’s experienced engineers will monitor the condition of your extraction units and report any issues so they can be swiftly rectified

Comprehensive Service

Bristol provides customers with easy to read reports that include details of any further recommendations

Air monitoring

Particle load can be measured to ensure the air is pure and the workplace is safe

Electrostatic filters

Bristol electrostatic filters are a low maintenance choice as the ionizer and collector cells do not use any consumable parts. Nonetheless, filtered debris particles may clog up the collector cells depending on the volume of contaminant passing through the filter. Routine cleaning is essential in ensuring the performance of the filter is consistently high.

Bristol’s dedicated Service Engineers provide replacement ionizer and/or collector cells for use whilst the original cells are cleaned using a high-pressure ultrasound technique. This approach ensures minimal interruption to the production schedule.

Centrifugal filters

Filtermist recommends that its oil mist collectors are serviced every 2000 operational hours. Bristol’s B-CleanService includes dismantling the Filtermist unit, a thorough clean of the drum and outer case to remove any residue build-up, and a comprehensive visual check of all parts for signs of wear and tear. New AV mounts, silencer pads and filter pads are fitted before the unit is re-assembled and re-instated.

All extraction equipment is thoroughly tested before the engineer leaves to ensure it is performing as intended.