Electrostatic precipitator designed for the drinking water supply sector

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The cost effective alternative
to static media filters

TrinkwV 2001

“Drinking water must be
pure & wholesome”
  • > 99,95% removal of dust and particles. Equivalent to H13 (EN1822).
  • > 99,99% removal of bacteria and fungi.
Air Sterilisation

Drinking water treatment tanks and elevated drinking water feed tanks

Proven technology, innovatively applied

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic disinfection due to ozone production
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Long service life: > 1 year service intervals
  • Modular construction
  • Two-stage precipitation
  • Areas of application: drinking water tank, passive and active process air

Range of Application

For filtration of outside air in various applications. Uses in the drinking water sector are mainly:

  • Filtration of tank air
    • Passive operation mode: the perfusion of the filter system depends on the volume velocity inside the tank
    • Active operation mode: due to overpressure inside the tank, invasion of external air (e.g. due to cracks in the walls of the tank) is prevented
  • Supply of process air

Electrostatic precipitator provides no barrier to airflow

Maintains required airflow pressure into a water tank at all levels of water demand.

Eliminates micro organisms

Ozone produced in the electrostatic collector cell eliminates all bacteria.

Prevents any accidental intake of contaminated external air

Maintains permanent overpressure in the water tank.

Easy maintenance & long service intervals

Low-level mounting provides easy access with minimal cleaning required, taking only a few minutes.

Low cost & environmentally friendly operation

Filter cells are reusable after cleaning. Speed adjustable EC-centrifugal fan surpasses ErP2015-N, is silent and temperature monitored.

Easy control & communications set up

Connection ready, SCADA compatible with I/O channels for simple connection to control centres. With options for integration to existing PLCs.

Customisable physical design

Modular design allows the filter to be customised to suit specific requirements of your application and building structures.

Specialist odour & pollutants filter options

Specific odour and pollutant filters can be integrated for specialist applications.

Service & Support

We provide cleaning and maintenance programmes if required.

Proven technology, innovatively applied

Operation Principle

Rough particles are precipitated in the stainless-steel mesh to protect the cell. Ionized gas is produced by high voltage in the following ionizer cell which charges airborne particles.

Afterwards the charged particles are precipitated in the electric field of the collector cell. The cleaned air leaves the filter with a purity of > 99,95%.

Fraction Precipitation-Level

Test Conditions:

Total separation efficiency: > 99,95%
> 99,95% removal of dust and particles. Equivalent to H13 (EN1822)
> 99,99% removal of bacteria and fungi
Aerosol: DEHS
Volume velocity: 400 m3 h-1
Raw-gas concentration: 184.927.600 particles m-3

WhiteAir Active Overpressure Technology

Maintains sterile air in water tank in all conditions

  • Only sterile air enters water tank
  • Constant airflow maintains sterile air throughout
  • Constant overpressure maintains filtration efficiency

Passive Air Filtration Systems

  • Polluted air can enter tank from other inlets (e.g. cracks in the water tank, overflow outlets, etc.)
  • Stagnation in filter, condensation or mould growth
  • Reverse airflow causes pressure compensation


WhiteAir Active

Provides active overpressure operation mode. Electrostatic filter with fan and built-in PLC to maintain a permanent overpressure in the water tank.

WhiteAir Process

Provides sterile process air for machinery & treatment rooms. Electrostatic filter with fan for active airflow. Option to use existing PLCs for error reporting and airflow adjustment.

WhiteAir Basic

Provides sterile airflow at natural pressure to emptying water tank. Electrostatic filter with option to use exiting PLCs for error reporting.

Unit Article Number
WhiteAir Basic 105544
WhiteAir Process 105556
WhiteAir Active Control for 1 tank and 1 system
Control for 2 tanks and 1 system 105512
Control for 1 tank and 2 systems 105514

Technical Specifications

Electrostatic Precipitation System

Two-stage electrostatic precipitation (comparable to class H13-EN 1822)

Connection Nominal Diameter

DN 150 and DN 200

Power Supply

230 and 400 volt


Depending on requirements the airflow is adjustable to a volume velocity of max. 1000 m3 h-1

Unit WhiteAir Active WhiteAir Process WhiteAir Basic
Volume velocity 400 m3 h-1
max. 1000 m3 h-1
400 m3 h-1
max. 1000 m3 h-1
Connection DN 150 / DN 200 DN 150 / DN 200 DN 150 / DN 200
Filter 2 x ionizer cell and
collector cell
2 x ionizer cell and
collector cell
2 x ionizer cell and
collector cell
Filter surface 2 x 6 m2 = 12 m2 2 x 6 m2 = 12 m2 2 x 6 m2 = 12 m2
Dimensions (w x h x d) 1932 x 450 x 520 1932 x 450 x 520 1692 x 450 x 520
Weight 172 kg 170 kg 155 kg
Supply voltage 230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz 230 V 50 Hz
Current consumption 3,2 A 3,1 A 0,3 A
Protection class
electrical components
IP 54 IP 54 IP 54
Motor power 0,45 kW 0,45 kW -
Motor speed 3000 U min-1 3000 U min-1 -
Noise level 66 dB 66 dB -


WhiteAir Active & Process

WhiteAir Basic