Health and Safety

Bristol provides optimum solutions to ensure the air in your production facility is pure and safe to breathe

Oil smoke, oil and emulsion mist, steam, gas, dust, viruses and any other type of “dirt”.

The air we breathe in our work environments should be pure. Exposure to oil mist can cause a wide range of health problems including respiratory and skin diseases. It can also be a slip and fire risk, and can damage sensitive electrical equipment if left in the atmosphere.

Not only does investing in a filter solution guarantee compliance with the permitted particle exposure levels, it also yields cost effectiveness benefits: reduced production resources costs, extended useful lives of cooling lubricants, increased process quality and gains in productivity thanks to the effective and efficient protection of your employees.

A clean working environment can also help to attract and retain the best employees – find out more by reading this short Filtermist article.


The following organisations all provide useful information about Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and working with Hazardous Substances:


Bristol’s Service Department offers comprehensive Air Monitoring to ensure the air in your workplace is pure – contact us now to discuss your requirements.