Bespoke Solutions

Bristol specialises in providing the most effective air filtration and extraction equipment for individual customer needs.

Bespoke products

Bristol’s Research and Development team offers a full product customisation service. Working closely with a number of machine tool manufacturers, Bristol develops the best filtration units for specific applications. The bespoke filter is then included as an integral part of the machine tool.

Bespoke systems

As well as individual solutions, Bristol also offers a comprehensive service for applications that require extraction and filtration from pick-up points around the factory. An initial site audit is undertaken to establish the nature of the extraction requirement - this includes looking at what processes are involved, what the contaminant is and the particle load.

Based on the findings of the initial research, Bristol will develop a bespoke system designed to meet the customer’s exact needs.

Bristol’s experienced team can also offer advice about the type of coolant (emulsion) being used if it feels an alternative might be better.